Hybrid Mobile & Web Development

I'm a Front-End Developer from Costa Rica with more than 15 years of experience in the software industry.

UI Designer and Developer.

Front-End Development
Experienced Front-End Developer with knowledge in Back-End technologies such as PHP, API Development using Express and databases.
CSS & HTML preprocessors, ES6, webpack, Vuetify, Bootstrap, Bulma, Vue.js, responsive, etc.
UI Design & Development
Do you have an idea? I have the knowledge to make it real. I've developed and designed UI's for multiple custom software products / solutions.
A well done UI with good performance will make your product more valuable and professional.
Mobile Applications
Hybrid Mobile Applications, PWA (Progressive Web Applications). Dealing with multiple (native) solutions for Android and iOS is an expensive and slow process.
Deploy everywhere using a SINGLE CODEBASE. Support for native features: Camera, File System, etc.

Remote & Freelance

Are you looking for a Vue.js Developer with experience?Front-End Training Services
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Author of vue-inspector
I'm the author of vue-inspector, the first Vue.js Inspector for Mobile Devices. The project is part of Awesome Vue (A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js). More than 200 stars @ GitHub.
Let's Do Something Cool!
Do you want to know more about me, projects that I've worked on, experience or availability? Feel free to contact me:
(+506) 6323-7688
San José, Costa Rica